How to Request a Private Assessment

Step One: Submit a Request

  1. Determine which assessment type are you requiring.
    • If you are unsure and wish to discuss with our office, please email: with your questions or to set-up a phone consultation with one of our registered psychologists (for a fee).
  2. Please complete our “Request Form for New Assessment” and email/fax/mail to our office.

Step Two: Wait for Communication from OAC Staff

We will confirm that we have received your request via email (check your junk/spam folder).

  • We are accepting a limited number of new requests each month to join our ongoing assessment waitlist; please wait to contact our office until you have been invited to join the waitlist.
  • Our wait times are longest for assessments that include an evaluation regarding the possibility of an Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Submitting a request does not automatically add you to our waitlist. We will ask for a deposit or proof of funding to add all requests to our waitlist.
Current Assessment Rates

*Please note: rates are subject to change, exact cost will be confirmed at time of booking

PsychoEducational Assessment (ages 6+)
for ADHD, Learning Disability, Giftedness, etc.
Developmental Assessment (ages 2- 5) $1800.00
Autism Spectrum Disorder only Assessment (ages 6 – 18) $2295.00
Autism Spectrum Disorder with PsychoEducational Assessment (ages 6 – 18) $3570.00
Autism Spectrum Disorder Assessment (ages 2 – 5)
includes developmental testing as per provincial requirements
*Please note: your child will need to have been seen by a pediatrician and speech language pathologist prior to us booking an assessment, as per provincial multidisciplinary requirements.
Social Emotional Assessment (ages 2 – 5)
includes Developmental measures
Social Emotional Assessment (ages 6 – 18)
includes PsychoEducational measures
Adaptive Functioning Assessment to determine CLBC Eligibility $1125.00
$2025.00 (with IQ measures)
Contact Information

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We are open:
Monday – Friday 8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

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