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In some situations, you may not be certain as to whether or not an assessment would be useful or what type of assessment would be most appropriate. Alternatively, you might not need a formal assessment and, instead, be seeking treatment recommendations and services. In those situations, you might wish to have a brief conversation with a psychologist in which you describe the child of concern and discuss your goals for the future. The psychologist can provide specific recommendations regarding assessment needs and/or intervention strategies. Assistance directing you to the most appropriate and economical resource would also be provided.

Please note that there is a fee based on a 30 or 60 minute appointment (please specify your choice when booking)

Some questions may be possible to direct to our receptionist, which would not result in any fee being charged.

For more in-depth consultation, a short telephone appointment may be scheduled with a psychologist (15-30 minutes, depending on the nature of the question). In some cases, in may be more appropriate to arrange for an in-person consultation.

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